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WOW.. What a week!

I was fine coming up on my test, but I started out helping a fellow mouth cancer patient who had been in remission for 3 years. Her P.E.T. Scan revealed cancer had emerged again in her lymph nodes. My 3 year scan was on Tuesday. Gulp! ‘Cause I can! Not easy for a mouth cancer … Continue reading WOW.. What a week!


I am going to meet a bunch of new business owners tomorrow and I’m stressing.

What to wear? Not this, I get that!

I do own a fishing company but I’m guessing these guys won’t like this either

I feel like Jim Care…

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I try to help people having trouble with doctors, medications, diagnosis, ect in throat/oral cancer groups. Several people are frustrated, disheartened, in pain, suffering, and I can empathize. I offer some hope, lend my ear, and give encouragement. Once in awhile I read something that makes my blood BOIL! For instance: My surgeon said:And I … Continue reading GET ANGRY!

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The new administration is going to raise taxes on the rich to pay for new building infrastructure 2 trillion dollar plan. Biden plans to raise taxes on the rich…lmao! The rich use the tax code to thier advantage, you can too BTW, but they aren’t stupid. If you make it cost effective to keep production … Continue reading Ignorance..

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So, as per rules and regulations …I do my best to follow the mandates made up by idiots.I wear my mask, don’t walk around with anything illegal, hide anything in my shoes, I’m TSA precheck but sometimes no matter how hard I try the universe says “sorry, gonna fuck you today.”I got chosen for a … Continue reading Idiocy

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Only the dead have seen the end of war…

Thank you Plato for ringing in the new century with poignant philosophy.   I’m sad bringing in the New Year.  The world is in great peril, the economy in position to freefall, and people again divided to the point of violence and hate continues to grow.  Billionaires are buying the political system leaving only a handful … Continue reading Only the dead have seen the end of war…

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