Hello, and Welcome

I wanted to tell you a bit about me so you’ll understand my commitment to you! I beat cancer in 2018, and have been in a fight for my life ever since. It has been a blessing in many ways. I never would have brought you Troiya! I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop me a line.

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Who I am

I was a model for 25 years. I’m not Cindy Crawford (my skin care WORKS), but I have been making my own lotions since I was seventeen. You will see and feel results! It’s like a gym for your skin!

I guarantee you will love it which is why I’m offering subscriptions. You will come back and order it again! If you aren’t happy, let’s talk about your skin care goals and I can recommend the best products for you!

I want you to jump for joy because you got the results you wanted! My skin will never be the same. I had mouth cancer and after 7 weeks of radiation straight into my mouth the bottom part of my face is scar tissue now. I’ve never had plastic surgery, but have taken great care of my skin ever since my agent called me out on my baby oil ways.

Making your skin healthier and happier is my goal, and I would love for you to have faith in my mission! What do you have to lose? I promise!!!

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